Fallout Shelter Mod Apk 1.14.11 Hack(Money,Lunchbox) + Data for android

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk 1.14.11 Hack(Money,Lunchbox) + Data for android

Fallout Shelter mod apk is a free simulation-style video game released by Bethesda. In this game, you have the role of commander, and you have to attack the enemy forces and defend your base and forces. In this game, you have to earn money to be able to buy magic boxes. Of course, Download the mod version and get unlimited money and lunchboxes.


The gameplay is in two-dimensional style and from the front view. In this game, you can easily zoom in and see the details. There are tutorials for you at the beginning of the game that you can follow in the game according to these tutorials. In this tutorial, you will learn how to play Fallout Shelter mod apk, and you will understand what you should prioritize at the beginning of the game. This game has many capabilities. In this game, you are in charge of management, and in addition to management, you must also defend your base. Enemy forces may surprise you and attack your underground base. Prepare various suitable weapons for yourself before their surprise attack. You can go outside the base wearing security clothes and discover valuable and hidden elements outside the base.

The game was made available to gamers in June 2015 for iOS, in August 2015 for Android devices, in July 2016 for Microsoft Windows operating systems, in February 2017 for Xbox One, and in June 2018 for PlayStation devices.

Fallout Shelter mod apk

Introduction and story of Fallout Shelter mod apk:

From the name of the game, it is clear that its story is about the shelter of the nuclear disaster survivors underground.

In this game, you have the role of a commander in the base, which you must expand. You have to enter one of the shelters with the few people who survived the tragedy and start a new life in the basement. At the beginning of the game, you have nothing but electricity, water, and food in the shelter. At this point, your role determines what you need to do. You have been selected as a mayor in this underground city, and you have to attract the forces and, of course, put them in the right place so that they do not have any problems. In this game, the game’s main character can have different items, such as strength, feeling, endurance, intelligence, and luck. In Fallout Shelter mod apk, fighting and wandering in war-torn urban space is not your main priority; Rather, your goal in this game is to live an ideal life.

It can be said that this game is also a strategy game. Of course, it depends on the people and their arrangement. If you want to be comfortable in the game in terms of food, you have to choose more capable people than the rest. You have to use them in the kitchen or choose people who have a lot more intelligence than others to have the necessary medicines. If you can have more shelters and keep more people to survive, you will get to the next steps faster. . For example, build different rooms and factories. One of the items in this game is to have a magic box that you can get these boxes by performing various missions in the game and get those boxes by paying real money. Of course, in case of a hacked version of the game, you will get unlimited money, and you can easily buy a box. Inside this magic box are four cards, each with an item to play with. The card may add 100 credits to you and include weapons, clothing, or even a survivor with good abilities.

In general, this part of the game, which is a magic box, is one of the most exciting and exciting parts of the game.

fallout shelter cheats

Game graphics:

The graphics of Fallout Shelter mod apk are good and acceptable. Although the details of the rooms and the characters are not very much, it does not cause any problems in the game process. The overall look of the rooms and the objects in the room worked well, and it looks good considering the platforms provided. The interesting thing about the game is that if your level goes up; You can have the appearance of the game and change the face of the rooms. As the level of the rooms increases, the efficiency of the rooms increases.


In this game, the more money you earn, the more power you get and the faster you reach higher levels. Of course, if you install the mod version of this game, you will get infinite money and buy equipment easily. By downloading Fallout Shelter Mod Apk you get unlimited money and lunchbox.

Fallout Shelter mod apk

Mod 1 Info:
– Infinite caps : level up a dweller, reward will be infinite caps
– Fast Level up :
– n Rush Success your Dwellers will level up instantly
– Unlimited Caps : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited Power : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited Water : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited Food : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited Stimpacks : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited RedAways : increase instead of decreasing
– Unlimited Inventory Space
– Instant Level Up on rush success
– Instant Level Up on rush fail emergency event success
– Unlimited Lunchboxes : not decreasing

Mod 2 Info:
– Unlimited Caps
– Unlimited Food
– Unlimited Water
– Unlimited Energy
– Everything Increases instead of decreasing

Install :
1. Install Apk
2. Extract and copy folder “com.bethsoft.falloutshelter” to “Android/Obb/”
3. Play and enjoy it

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