Help Me Remember, Satori-sama!

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Help Me Remember Satorisama Free

Game Overview

“Help Me Remember, Satori-sama!” is a quiz game
where you figure out the answer by repeatedly
asking questions and getting answers to use as hints.

Satori-sama worked herself too hard and ended up bedridden.
During this time while she’s unable to properly use her power to read hearts,
Okuu comes seeking help remembering objects or tasks she’s forgotten.
Through making use of just a sliver of power of recollection,
Satori-sama does her best to deduce what Okuu has forgotten,
all while elegantly handling surprise visits from Orin and Koishi.

You gather hints as to what Okuu’s forgotten by asking her questions.
However, though she doesn’t mean any harm by it, she’s forgetful.
She’ll occasionally give the wrong answer, or just not remember at all.
When that happens, use your power of recollection.
That’ll draw the correct information out of her and help lead to the answer.

Orin will sometimes come to the room whether she has business or not,
and Koishi will occasionally appear to play a prank on you.
Handle them elegantly and continue your questioning until you reach the answer!

Trailer / Preview

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows10